What You Will Learn

in this JobFactory bootcamp

  • Basic concepts in databases such as primary keys and relationship types

  • How to setup and manage a personal database with MS Access

  • Learn the SQL programming language & develop a basic accounting ledger

  • Build a web based customer service database for a small business


$50 / GHC 250

60 days unlimited access to complete the entire 12 hour course. Inclusive of all fees, learning material and practicals.

Accepted Payments : Mobile Money, Credit Card

Course Outline

  • 1

    Course Layout

    • Course Layout for Databases basics

  • 2

    Introductory Concepts

    • What is a Database

    • Differences Between Spreadsheets and Databases

    • Advantages and Disadvantages of Databases

    • Database Keys

  • 3

    Online Quiz 1

    • Quiz 1

  • 4

    Tools + Getting Started

    • Relational Databases & Type of Relationships in RDBMS

  • 5

    In-Class Practical A

    • PracticalA

    • Book Practical Online

  • 6

    Intermediate Concept

    • Introduction to SQL

    • Core SQL Operations

    • Creating a Database

    • Basic Commands in SQL

  • 7

    Online Quiz 2

    • Quiz 2

  • 8

    In-Class Practical B

    • PracticalB

    • Book Practical Online

  • 9

    Intermediate Tools + Software

    • Other Smart Database Tools

  • 10

    Case Study : Farm Management in Swaziland

    • Case Study

  • 11

    Job Factory: Career in Databases

    • A day in the life of a Database Administrator

    • Using Certifications to Start Your DBA Career

    • What Database Jobs are Available

    • How to Become a Database Administrator

    • What does a database admin do?

    • Salaries available in the USA for Database Administrators

  • 12

    Final Exam

    • Final Examination : Develop a Customer Service Database as a Web Application

    • How To Submit Your Final Assignment

Course Developed By

an industry professional

Senior Instructor @ NIIT Ghana

Augustine Danso

Augustine has been teaching databases and software development for over 12 years. He brings a remarkable experience set across African telecoms and network businesses to the foray and is passionate about having the youth develop their own systems.

What students said about this course

New discoveries

Christa Lokko

The bootcamp has made me learn a lot about Database technology. It's a good educative platform and I would urge everyone whether student or worker to partake in these bootcamps and they won't regret it.

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