What You Will Learn

in this JobFactory bootcamp

  • Learn how computer processing takes place

  • Learning what it means to 'code' and write algorithms

  • Installing & getting started with Python

  • Develop a program to solve a real world challenge


$50 / GHC 250

60 days unlimited access to complete the entire 12 hour course. Inclusive of all fees, learning material and practicals.

Accepted Payments : Mobile Money, Credit Card

Course Outline

  • 1

    Course Layout

    • Course Layout PDF

  • 2

    Introductory Concepts

    • What is Programming - Unit 1

    • Programming Language- Unit 2

    • Writing programs - Unit 3

  • 3

    Quiz 1

    • Quiz 1

  • 4

    Tools & Getting Started

    • Creating & Executing the “Hello World” Program - Unit 4

    • Installing & Starting with Python - Unit 6

  • 5

    In-Class Practical A

    • Practical A

    • Book Practical Online

  • 6

    Intermediate Concepts

    • Data Types - Unit 7a

    • Python Variables & Assignments - Unit 7b

    • Strings in Python - Unit 8

    • String Manipulation - Unit 8b

  • 7

    Online Quiz 2

    • Quiz 2

  • 8

    Intermediate Tools & Software

    • Understanding Efficiency & Optimisation - Unit 9

    • Python Operators – Part 1 - Unit 10

    • Python Operators - Part 2 - Unit 10

    • If...Else Statements - Unit 11

    • Loops in Programming - Unit 12

    • Functions & Libraries - Unit 13

  • 9

    In-Class Practical B

    • PracticalB

    • Book Practical Online

  • 10

    Case Study

    • Case Study

  • 11

    JobFactory - Careers in Programming

    • Financial Times - Careers In Coding

    • Bill Gates & Mark Zuckerberg - Coding is not difficult

    • Preparing for a Python Interview- 10 Things You Should Know

    • Top Python Developer Skills

    • PyCon Africa Conference 2019 Highlights & Interviews

    • Python Practice

  • 12

    Final Exam

    • Intro to Programming : Final Exam Assignment

    • How To Submit Your Final Assignment

Course Developed By

an industry professional


Vinay Gokaldas

Vinay serves as CTO at Resources 4 Africa Inc (www.r4africa.com) - an impact investment firm, overseeing digital transformation across education, healthcare & paper manufacturing verticals. Present in 8 African countries. Expert at leading multi-disciplinary, diverse teams in development of a digital stack & business strategy as a technology consultant. Early career on Wall Street as a trader & financial analyst, developing quantitative systems. He is also a partner at IC Global Partners, an early-stage venture fund.

What students said about this course

Learnt a lot!

Eugene Offeh

I’ve never been thought with an online platform before but I can boldly say the Job factory teaches students a lot. It’s similar to a physical interaction between the student and the lecturer. It’s an awesome experience

The Technological World

Rateesh Bhagwanani

During these sessions, I experienced the concept of what the technological world is and how it interprets and interacts with the human environment.

Great Experience

Abigail Ndeogo

I'm having a great experience as I walk through this course. I'll definitely recommend it because it gives detailed explanation for one to understand.

Technology Simplified

Benjamin Kofi Nyarko

I used to perceive Programming as an abstract course and had difficulty studying it on my own. The interactive class brought all I have learnt into perspective and simplified the course for me. I am hoping things I have learnt will help make my work easy and flexible.

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