What You Will Learn

in this JobFactory bootcamp

  • The top social media platforms and the audiences on them

  • How to blend marketing & advertising on social media

  • Best practices for managing the social media account for a business

  • Social media tools (free and paid) available today to social teams


$50 / GHC 250

60 days unlimited access to complete the entire 12 hour course. Inclusive of all fees, learning material and practicals.

Accepted Payments : Mobile Money, Credit Card

Course Outline

  • 1

    Course Layout

    • Course Layout for Social Media Marketing

  • 2

    Introductory Concepts

    • What is marketing

    • Digital and Social media

    • The Business of Social

  • 3

    Online Quiz 1

    • Quiz 1

  • 4

    Tools & Getting Started

    • Using Facebook for Business

    • Facebook Dos and Don'ts

    • Instagram for Social Media

    • How to Win with Instagram

    • Using Hashtags

    • Developing Content - Planning

    • Developing Content - Development

    • Developing Content - Execution

  • 5

    In-Class Practical A

    • PracticalA

    • Book Practical Online

  • 6

    Intermediate Concepts

    • How to Manage a Twitter Handle

    • Tips on How to Run a Successful Twitter Account

    • The Social Team

    • Reputation Management

  • 7

    Online Quiz 2

    • Quiz 2

  • 8

    Intermediate Tools & Software

    • How To Speak Online

    • Social Media Tools

  • 9

    Case Study

    • Case Study

  • 10

    JobFactory : Careers in Social Media Marketing

    • How to Be A Social Media Manager - Career Advice from BirchBox

    • How Much Do Social Media Managers Make

    • 8 Social Media Engagement Hacks, Strategies, and Tips

    • Best Practices for Business - Do's and Dont's

  • 11

    Final Exams

    • Final Assignment

    • How To Submit Your Final Assignment

Course Developed By

an industry professional

Brand Manager @ Social Ghana

Katsina Quartey

Katsina Quartey is currently a Brand Manager at Social Ghana, the top-ranked creative agency in Accra. Over the last 7 years, she's worked in a variety of marketing roles at different organisations in Geneva, New York and now Accra. She has built some strong and distinct skills in the areas of social media management and marketing for businesses – she is a certified Twitter for business personnel, and has participated in Social Media Week (London), the world's biggest annual global social media conference. Katsina has managed brands such as FanMilk Nigeria, Shea Moisture, The Royal Senchi Hotel, Moet & Chandon, Stockfox, Appolonia City and Petra Energy. As a result, she's also led a number of training courses about the power of social media, in relation to Ghana and worldwide.

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